Natural Resources and Agriculture

Natural Resources
and Agriculture
career pathway

The Natural Resources and Agriculture Career Pathway explores careers in the food, fiber, and natural resources public and private industries such as forestry, logging, geographic information systems (GIS), wildlife management, fisheries, environmental science, and more. Natural Resources and Agriculture careers are for students who enjoy learning about plants, animals, and food!

Students in the IASC Next Natural Resources and Agriculture Career Pathway can participate in a selection of courses that will prepare them for college programs and careers in Natural Resources and Agriculture. In this pathway, students learn about the history of Natural resources in Minnesota and beyond; both as resources for other industries and in recreational activities and also learn about career options in these areas. This pathway is ideal for students who enjoy working with others, are critical thinkers and problem solvers, and enjoy the outdoors including hunting and fishing, and farming. Students will have experiences in wildlife and wildland management, horticulture, animal care, aquatics and fisheries, environmental science, and beyond. Students will be able to network with local professionals through alumni relations and experiences with local businesses and agencies through events, tours, guest speakers, internships, job shadowing, etc.
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Elliot Wolfson
Pathway Instructor

Hannah Eckblad
Pathway Instructor

Shawn Linder
Pathway Instructor

Natasha Orhn
Pathway Instructor

Matt Alleva
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Lee Kessler
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Meadow Koffield
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Luke Adam
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