Greenway Advanced Business Project-Based Learning class partners with Culver’s

Culver’s of Grand Rapids and Greenway’s Advanced Business Project-Based Learning class have teamed up so students can learn about business with hands-on experience.  The outcome of the project is a presentation of marketing and promotion ideas.  Students will be presenting to Brian Polister, Owner/Operator of Culver’s Grand Rapids on Wednesday, March 10, 12:45 pm at the restaurant.

“I’m looking forward to seeing the ideas the students generated.  They asked a lot of good questions about Culver’s and operating a business when we kicked off the project,” noted Brian Polister.  Students spent time understanding Culver’s as a brand and learned about franchise businesses.  Students conducted a survey among Greenway staff and students to both learn about market research and to generate ideas for various Culver’s promotions.

“The brainstorming was a lot of fun, and students generated some really great ideas,” added Pat Kittock, Business teacher at Greenway.  “The students have to learn to put themselves out there and take risks to share all their ideas.  That’s key in brainstorming.”

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