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The Manufacturing Career Pathway explores careers fields such as welding, machining, computer-numerical-controlled (CNC) technology, fabrication, engineering, drafting, and more. Manufacturing careers are for students who have the “dream it, do it” mentality and are ready to transform raw materials into high-quality finished products.

The IASC Next Manufacturing Career Pathway will support student exploration and provide opportunities for students to build their identities in and prepare for a career in manufacturing occupations. Core courses will include programming such as welding, machine shop technology, Mechatronics, mechanical drafting, sheet-metal occupations, computerized numerical controls, and engineering and other manufacturing-related courses. Hands on experiences in this pathway include job shadowing with local manufacturing businesses, a student-led manufacturing business courses, and Manufacturing Careers Internships where students can work in paid positions with manufacturing businesses during the school day. The sequence of courses included in the Manufacturing Career Pathway highlights the career opportunities in Manufacturing and helps students understand the skills necessary to be successful in that field – both technical and professional.
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