Welcome to our NEXT School Year – School Spotlight

The colleges of the Northeast Higher Education District (NHED); Hibbing Community College, Itasca Community College, Mesabi Range College, Rainy River Community College, and Vermilion Community College have merged and become a single institution with six campuses – now called: Minnesota North College.


“Operationally merging our colleges leverages the resources, talents, and marketability that comes with a larger, regional college yet maintains the cherished individual campus identities and community connections. Students will benefit from a seamless educational experience along with expanded access to courses, programs, support services, and the team of experts that serve our six campuses. Working regionally, Minnesota North College will be able to provide a comprehensive response to our business and industry partners, which aligns with our vision of being a catalyst for regional prosperity,” Minnesota North College’s President Mike Raich said.


The most important rational for merger is the improvement of services to students and stakeholders which will be improved in a one-college operating model. With the one-college model, students will take courses across our campuses (instead of across colleges) with a single transcript and a single bill, as well as a simplified registration and financial aid processes while still benefiting from local, on-campus services. Students will have increased access to a more robust selection of courses and career programs. A single college will lead to more clear and consistent collaborative efforts with regional K-12 and industry partners as well.